Strip Light 60LED/M SMD5050 Natural White - 5 meter reel

Strip Light 60LED/M SMD5050 Natural White - 5 meter reel

This strip light features single colour super bright energy saving SMD5050 LED technology.Its flexible design makes it perfectly suitable for curved and complex surfaces.  The beam angle of 120° provides for unlimited applications and uses.  Versatile, the strip light may be cut into a section as small as 3 LEDs.  General dimensions are W10mm x H8mm. Whilst the strip light is easy to fix with its 3M self adhesive backing for those situations where self adhesive is not suitable fixing clips and screws are available.


This Strip Light is waterproof and is suitable for outdoors use. The LEDs in waterproof type are encased in a silicon tube that is filled with epoxy. Rated at IP68 it may be surface immersed up to 2m in water providing the ends are completely sealed and if cut, resealed, with epoxy and the special end sealing caps that are available.

Lumens p/meter: 660

NOTE:  All warranties will be void if the ends are not completely waterproof sealed prior to installation.

(NOTE: The image shown is indicative only)

SKU: SL5050-60L-NW-IP68-5M
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Natural White
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Strip Light
2 Years