The Smart Light 1000 (Dual Sensor)

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The Smart Light 1000 is a versatile flush mount 12 volt DC Dual Sensor light.   The Smart light provides peace of mind as a security light, and also a convenient automatically activated entryway light.   A Revolution 12 LED bulb (REVM30) is included as standard with the Smart Light 1000.

Features of the Smart Light include two motion sensors, battery low indication (11.5v DC) and daylight automatic shut off of sensor function.  Three colour LEDs indicate day mode, night mode, and low battery warning.  When sensor mode is active the light will switch on automatically any time motion is detected within the sensor range.

Sensitivity is calibrated to exclude small animals (adjustable) from activating the light.   By toggling the switch the Smart Light can also be switched on as a regular light.    The Smart Light is designed for outdoor use to withstand strong rain and washing etc, all the electronics sealed by the lens which has a clear silicone O ring.