MR-16 POWER LED 6 Watt - Dimmable

MR-16 POWER LED 6 Watt - Dimmable
MR-16 POWER LED 6 Watt

The 3 x 2 Watt POWER LEDs are arranged inside the standard MR16 machined reflector unit.  Beam angle of 60 degrees provides an excellent replacement to a standard halogen bulb.

These bulbs look no different to a regular MR16 halogen bulb and using high quality POWER LEDs save you power. Energy efficient, they last up to 50 times longer than a standard bulb. The latest LED chip technology is used that provides one of the highest light output to consumption ratio available today.

  • Beam Angle - 60 degrees
  • Wattage - 6 watts
  • Lumens : 380Lm - Natural White (4000K)
  • Lumens : 350Lm - Warm White (3000K)
  • Same percieved light output as a 35 Watt halogen bulb
  • Dimmable
SKU: MR16-6W-60D
LED Count: 
10 - 30v DC
Consumption - Watts: 
Fitting config: 
Rear Pin GU5.3 Base
2 Years