MR16 10 LED Warm White - Halogen replacement

MR-16 10 LED Warm White
MR-16 10 LED Warm White

New heat sink design, for better cooling and higher lumen output. These bulbs actually give a more even spread of light than most halogens with no "hot spots" when used to light shelves, paintings or over tables. Light output is similar to a 15 watt halogen.

These bulbs look no different to a regular MR16 halogen bulb. These high quality SMD LED replacement bulbs save power. Energy efficient, they last up to 50 times longer than a standard bulb. The latest SMD chip technology is used that provides the highest light output to consumption ratio available today.

SKU: MR16-10L-WW
LED Count: 
Colour Temp: 
Warm White 2900 - 3500K
8 - 30v DC
Consumption - Watts: 
Fitting config: 
Rear Pin
2 Years