LED - A smart, long term, eco-friendly investment.

LED lights are a specific type of energy saving, eco-friendly lighting system. They require a lot less energy to achieve the same light output as other bulbs like incandescents and CFLs, with virtually no heat generated in the process.

Tests done on LED lights have revealed that they save up to sixty-five percent of energy compared to other lights and bulbs for the same light output. It’s easy to see why this kind of energy-efficient lighting is considered environmentally responsible. It’s not unreasonable to consider that in the near future LEDs will ultimately replace all kinds of lighting – fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. The LED bulb doesn’t have a filament, light is produced through movement of electrons within its semiconductor structure. This technology is what’s behind a LEDs long life, up to ten years, and contributes to the fact that they are vibration, moisture, and shock resistant. The lack of heat almost eliminates the risk of accidental burns and solid state structure eliminates possible shrapnel injuries caused from breaking.

Although some Fluorescents have similar watts used to lumens performance, Fluros pose even more serious risks, as virtually all common designs contain at least some quantity of mercury, any breakage should be treated as a serious chemical spill and the area professionally decontaminated.   Mercury is considered extremely toxic and should never be handled.

Fluorescent tubes infact should be treated as hazardous waste since dumping them in land fill areas introduces mercury into the environment, although this often happens unfortunately, it is far from desirable situation, if we could stop using CCFLs there would be less mercury getting dumped into our environment.

Using LED lights will with out doubt reduce your electricity bill. As LEDs don’t contain harmful substances like lead and mercury it will give you the satisfaction that you are contributing in your way to safeguarding the environment.

These days LED lights are appearing in many different shapes and colors. The colors can range anything from different whites, blue, yellow, green, and amber and more. Also we now have colour changing LED lights that provide a new dimension for many applications. Apart from retro fitting into existing light fittings there are many new shapes that are stylish and contemporary.

LEDs are a reliable and safe source of light.